How to Boost Your Marketing Strategy in Ramadan?

With the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan, it has become much popular for traditional & digital marketers to initiate new strategies for proper marketing in the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan being a 9th holy month in the Islamic calendar has been started from Monday May 6 and would end at the evening of 4th or 5th June depending on the moon sighting across the globe. During Ramadan, Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk, perform charity and self-disciplinary activities, abstain from negativity and observe night prayers.

When the moon for the month of Ramadan is sighted at the end of 8th holy month in the Islamic calendar, people say greetings to each other with the charismatic phrase “Ramadan Mubarak”. Ramadan is also the third most obligatory month for Muslims. The significance of Ramadan is more strengthened as the holy book of Muslims, The Holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) on one of the divine nights in the last ten days of Ramadan for Muslims known as “Laylat al-Qadr”.

Before we go ahead in discussion to understand various aspects of advertising and marketing in Ramadan, we should explore that most of the companies are focusing on advertising within this period are needed to planning ahead because some of publications can be reserved for months ahead of time. Although there is possibility to eventually start marketing campaigns in such circumstances after Ramadan has already stated you’ll possibly figure out that the outlets you will like to advertise which are modest or significantly slower to responsiveness because of less working hours within the month of Ramadan.

Moreover, this is eventually possible in most of the Traditionalist Muslim Countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Egypt and others. With regards to Ramadan, mostly middle eastern logo design companies including Logo Experts, a branding agency in Dubai offers quality oriented logo design services comprising of large and small business logos for startups, individuals and business organizations with conducive pricing packages required to get custom business logo designs with prior strategic plans and strategies to proceed further. However, to boost your marketing strategies we have described some tips and tricks that are listed in this article.

  1. Take Early Initiative

If you are planning to initiate promotions during the month of Ramadan? Its better to start your campaigns on first priority basis. Likewise, you must start and schedule your messaging campaigns as early as possible, then utilized automated techniques to generate email marketing campaigns when similar conditions are considered. Eventually, this will save your considerable time and resources, and can also generate higher ROI and enhanced customer engagement for proper marketing that can benefit your business.

  1. Promote Ramadan Relevant Marketing Resources

If you are a marketer your core responsibility will be to promote relevant marketing campaigns pertaining to Ramadan. It must be well understood that people will most probably search for deals and discounts during the month of Ramadan for Sehri and Iftar. Thus, it would be recommended for you to alter your existing content before proceeding it to customers observing fasts during the holy month of Ramadan. Significantly, you could possibly instill your products including religious garments, shoes and gifts for Eid Preparation. The ideal purchase periods are one week earlier then Ramadan and one week after Ramadan. Thus, it is a great initiative to attain target audience offerings at Ramadan time periods.

  1. Devise Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Significantly, mobile marketing campaigns comprises of SMS, MMS, Social Media and Mobile Apps for promoting marketing rhythm via phone calls, messaging services and many more. Certainly, there exists over 4.85 time approximately over several phone calls initiated during Ramadan, as compared to various months. Always get engaged in email marketing and landing pages to experience improved mobile responses. In this regard, your customer would possibly experience enhanced browsing and purchasing your products and service promotions.

Hence, the most essential tool to promote your content along with availability of enormous mobile apps for several platforms. You can most probably experience mobile marketing campaigns using social media campaigns such as Facebook advertising, and always keep this strategy to optimize your advertisements for user-mobile engagements. Thus, you can take initial step with over 500+ mobile responsive templates for customer engagements.

  1. Always Try To Reach Right People At The Right Time

Its essential for marketers to gather right target audiences for executing overall market-oriented situational campaigns. Usually, Muslims don’t take their lunch break during the month of Ramadan. You’ll have to be careful about sending and receiving variety of offerings. Such as, if you are proprietor of F&B Business, you can easily send content for promotion prior to two hours before proceeding it to attract more consumers. You’ll have to wait until Muslims have completed their fast during sunset prior to sending your next food related reminder.

Significantly, as many people would possibly perform breaking their fast along with their families, always try to prevent transmitting newsletters with the same time period. Moreover, newsletters are scheduled prior to the specific time period via GetResponse email editor.

  1. Make Sure Always Try To Be Respectable With Others

Similar to all religious holidays, always try to remember culturally sensitive to avoid offending anyone who believes and practices the holy month of Ramadan. Similarly, it won’t be good enough to send content related to food within the fasting hours or promoting such stuff that produces violent character throughout the holy month. Always produce a content that offers relevancy and calmful impact factor at usual time frame.

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