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Gloomy (That’s me), Welcome’s you to its Exclusive Journal of wisdom.

Not only do I talk about What’s what, I also have an eye for What’s Cooking? Cooking as in not literally but that Stewing in your mind!

So, Let’s Take-off.

Ever Pondered – What if Steve Jobs fixed upon not Labelling his brand?


Your new BMW came in with BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKEwritten on its hood rather than the Logo itself.

Envision a Cosmos of Fonts only. Sounds spooky, right?

Gloomy thinks it would have been an end to Novelty. Having no face for your sweat shed peril could have made you compromise on the uniqueness you have been looking and striving for.

When putting in all efforts, one expects his/her pursuit to excel. Stand out in the eyes of consumers as well as in the world where its competing with similar brands.

But what could prove out to be the source of leaving that edge?

Marketing, Branding?

Yes, exactly! The way you choose to put it in front of your audience. How you represent it to them and how they perceive it.

The face of your brand plays a vital role on how people look up to your label. The foremost of it all being the logo you select to serve as your stamp. Through which your identity engraves in the minds of your followers.

Now the question rises, why would you want a custom business logo for your venture? Why can you not just write down the name and let the work flow?

The example below will answer this for us.

Can you make a guess on whose logo is being represented in the image here?


If your guess is McDonalds”, give yourself a pat.

Startled? Without even having a word written above, you guessed it right.

Let’s take another shot.

Guess this one?


Did you say Lacoste”?

Impressive, Slow Claps.

Wondering how did you do it?

Because, your mind is familiar with images representing the brand here. The names associated with these need not to be mentioned for you to take a guess. Simply for the reason that these colors, shapes and objects which have been dedicated specifically to the brand owning them are engraved in your subconscious. And you know whom they belong too. Thus, even if there is nothing written to support the image, you know it already!

Now, visualize a sphere where instead of carrying a face we bore our names? Can’t digest?

REASON – Face being your mark of identification is how others know you. It’s that unique feature of yours that makes you different from others. Ever heard even if someone forgets an individual’s name while referring they could still describe them by the way they looked? Like how was the complexion, height etc.

Similar is the case with products or services businesses tend to offer. If only they were to be reckoned by their names, one cannot expect humans to retain them all in an instant or for a matter of fact differentiate between labels.

It’s amazing how the human mind works. It tends to lock away patterns rather more easily than text or any other written content. This makes us humans easily distinguish between what we see. Even if you talk about yourself, if you come across something unique, your brain tends to retain it for long.

And when its unique as well as innovative, you can imagine how far can the combination go. The reason why brands come up with different trademarks for themselves to open out in the field is to stand out and leave an impression that cannot be forgotten.

A design that stands out. An impression of recognition. A trademark for the world to know what they offer. Would you ever want to compromise on your mark of identity? We are sure that’s out of question now as you know how essential it is for you to be distinct.

Before we conclude, we would also like to hear from you. Tell us if you Ever had an experience in designing a custom logo? Or are you aware of the story behind your organizations Trademark?

Share with us as we would appreciate listening to what you have got in store. Until next page of wisdom, we take your leave. Hope you had an interesting time reading.

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