The First Ever Logo And A Little Bit About Them

Hello hello! Gloomy is back with his second episode of wise talks.

Hope you all have been keeping well. The weather has been acting weird these days. It’s every time when Gloomy’s birthday is around the corner. What a pity!

By the way, for you to know – Birthday reminds me of history somehow. Like we all have history. History as in how were we born, when we were kids’ etcetera etcetera. And so, I believe things too have one? The way they came into existence.

Since history is not at all boring (not kidding), we thought on taking a sneak peek into the history of LOGOS’. That is when and how were they born?


Dating back to 1877, was the time when Bass Brewery was that first ever brand who registered a Trademark. You know what brand was it?

Bass Pale Aleone of the leading sellers of beers and largest brewery in the world. They chose for a Red Triangle to represent their brand. It looked something like this:



Interesting how just a simple shape formed as a trademark? We believe this won’t even do to impress those marketing gurus we have these days!

Apart from the birthday, there is something else that’s more interesting for you to know.

Have you ever been to Egypt? Or if not ever came across scriptures made by them? Or do you remember that movie The Mummy?

Do you know what this symbol represents?

This is a symbol made by Ancient Egyptians known as Scarab (the beetle). Dating back to thousands of years when these people used symbols to represent something. Isn’t it startling that logos are an element of history? For your information, Egyptians are normally referred to first ever logo designers.

Custom business logos, basically hold office for what they have been designed. Earlier they were used to mark for Makers or Seller of the Brand. It now has become a trend that Brand Concepts and values are the basis of designs chosen for logos.


To make this a little more fascinating, we shortlisted a few logos and tried to make out what there hidden meaning is.

Did you know there was a bear in Toblerone’s logo? Look closely. We assume you are thinking why would a bear be in an emblem? The reason behind is that Toblerone is produced in Berne. A city which is symbolized by Bears. Mad as a march hare, no?

For you to know, there is number 31 in this logo? The count for Baskin Robbins offered flavors marks at 31. Thus, this is why it is there in the logo too.

We know you feel a little Moonstruck. Let get going with some more.

We all love Dairy Milk, do we not? Our very own famous brand Cadbury, who’s logo is made as an interwoven Cocoa tree. Remember when we said logo’s mark their makers? Cocoa is from where chocolate is made from. And rest is all what we are smart enough to know!

Symbols, Logos are a way Marketeers, Brands, Companies use to represent their identity. Their shapes to a lot an extent stand for their origins, concepts, history etc. In short, like we mentioned in our previous blog. It is the face of a brand or its their identity for one to recognize what brand it is.

So, with these little insights and fun facts, we hope we got you thrilled with our wisdom.

Don’t forget to check with us again with a new page of Gloomy’s gumption.

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