How These Trending Logo Designs Can Increase Your Profit In 2019


Things have always been taking a new shape over the period of time. From ancient Egyptian scriptures to simple emblems to animated ones we see today, these all have developed over a short period of time.

Different Fashion Design Trends


Similar to how fashion trends changed over decades – From bell bottoms to straight pants we have always witnessed a unique boom coming in. Now, whether it is fashion or social media, these are all inclinations and new developments we get to witness from time to time.

But since we belong to a different industry lets see how trends have shifted when it comes to professional logo design services and what new is there to be witnessed.

There was a time where fonts were initially used to represent some brand. Then came an era where Bass Ale took an initiative and opted for a shape to act in place of simple fonts. Although it was no less than a triangle they used, but it stood out as the first ever logo created in history. Undoubtedly, Egyptians were those who took the toll but that was not as formal to gain an equivalent recognition.

Sitting now in an era where even Facebook has upgraded its profile photos to Profile Videos and Gifs that we never could have thought of, Logo Designing too has changed with tweaks and turns. Emerging logo design companies worldwide are getting into tough competitions with each other, striving hard in leaving a mark and dropping a creative edge in the market. From thinking out of the box to presenting their customers with uniqueness and innovations they are just putting in their efforts keeping up pace with what’s trending.

Since we have been looking a lot into how these trends have shifted, we being one of the same service logo design company in UAE, thought on predicting trends that would fall under the umbrella of logo designing for 2019.


Let’s take a look on the what we think would be the LOGO DESIGN TRENDS FOR 2019.


Simplicity looks pure but its much more appealing when a complex yet meaningful icon appears in front of us. It makes you ponder about what it took the artist to create an icon with multiple meanings? According to our prediction, logos which now will be generated by different logo designing companies will be more complexed and classier. Companies now look forward to creating an emblem that not only represents its name but also their vision, what they do and above all about their owner.

Its going to be like a One-Peek-Inside-Our-Store window which will show different aspects of how a particular brand is working and what is its main focus.



Lacoste Logo

For you to know, each and every color has a hidden meaning. That is, they mark for a purpose or stand for something to depict. Let’s take a simple example to elaborate this. Colors in Traffic Signal – Green is when you are free to move, Red is when you got to stop or you have a fine waiting ahead and Yellow which hints on you to just gear up. Similar to this is what we think will be implemented in logo designing. One color will be what brands will choose as a mark of their identity. This is somewhat we still get to see but this will take a huge chunk of new emerging logos in 2019. Burberry has been with its base colors of beige, white and red, Lacoste with green have been the top-notch ones. What we are going to witness will be those who have not yet thought on these lines.



As we mentioned above, sometimes simple is not all that classy. With logos that make you look back once or perhaps twice is where we term it as Trick YOUR EYE. Have you ever seen the logo of Sony Vaio? Oh yeah! You got it write. The coolest laptop manufacturers. If you assess its logo closely it will make you think for a second what exactly is the shape? Is it an eye? Or numeric or wave? Tricky right?

This is what we assume can be one of the major inclinations in logo designing. Creating tricky logos not only make you stand out from the lot by simply being unique, but perhaps it has the attention of your audience. How? By making them ponder and have multiple looks on “Hey! What could that mean?” or “Let me take a look again”.

Isn’t it also a good marketing tactic? Why wouldn’t someone be interested in exploring a brand with such unique trademark?


We like when we come across a poster that’s not too cluttered with images and content. So is when an emblem is artsy yet with minimal of shapes and patterns. Designers with enhanced designing skills are now shifting towards conjoining simple shapes that look unique.

Its actually known as the concept of minimalism. Having abstract designs used, we have designers who now are preferring not making logos with bigger shapes but will sleek and simple designs appearing interesting to viewers eyes.

Like someone said “Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus”.

And since we know already that Customer Focus is all the fight is all about, we know lesser will make them focus.


They look kind of appealing, don’t they? Overlapping shapes with a hint of shadows and shades look so much better when printed on media walls or frames.

We somehow believe that in this upcoming year, customers will now more off look forward to designs with shadows and shapes. They are not only eye-catching but make logos much more effective. Its like a mix of two most important components of your business that have been illustrated altogether.


Synopsizing all that we discussed above, its going to be an exciting new year ahead for logo designing. Not only will those mentioned above get witnessed but we are sure there will be much more creativity that will cross our eyes.

While we foresee a new shift here, we also want you to take notice of how far will these trends come into the picture. Not only noticing will work, but we would also like to get your feedback on this.

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